Hong Kong, 16th June 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, After the announcement of the node sale yesterday, we received numerous inquiries and suggestions from global communities, VCs, and partners. They provided valuable feedback on Lumoz’s node sale. In light of this, we have decided to listen to these opinions and make slight modifications to the previous rules. 

Reasons and Objectives for the Changes

The modifications to the Lumoz node sale structure are driven by several key goals:

  1. Maintain a Reasonable Valuation: Adjustments aim to keep Lumoz’s valuation within a sensible range, preventing it from becoming overly inflated.

  2. Enhance Potential Returns for Ordinary Users: Changes are designed to allow regular users to reap higher potential rewards.

  3. Equal Early Participation Opportunities: Ensuring that everyone, including individual users, can participate early on.

Final Rules:

Adjusted Node Sale Structure:

  • Total Nodes: Reduced from 200K to 100K, increasing each node’s earnings by 100%.

  • Tiers: Reduced from 50 to 10, with the final Tier 10 valuation not exceeding $290 million.

  • First-Come, First-Served: Sales will proceed on a first-come, first-served basis until all nodes are sold.

Key Timelines:

  • Pre-Sale: Begins on June 17th at 3 PM (UTC+8).

  • Whitelist Sale: Starts on June 25th at 3 PM (UTC+8).

  • Public Sale: Opens on July 3rd at 3 PM (UTC+8).

Pre-Sale Details:

  • Access: Requires a special invitation code to enter the pre-sale page.

  • Pre-Sale Link: https://node.lumoz.org/

  • Deposit Requirement: Users need to pay a 20% deposit to lock in the current node tier, which is non-refundable. The remaining balance must be paid before the public sale on July 3rd, or the node will be forfeited and moved to the public sale.

Whitelist Sale:

  • Eligibility: Only users with a whitelist can participate.

  • Process: Follows the pre-sale, starting from the current tier, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Public Sale:

  • Accessibility: Open to all global community users until all nodes are sold.

Node Licenses Details:

  • Testnet Node Licenses: Successful node buyers will first receive node licenses as NFTs on the sepolia testnet, allowing them to participate in Lumoz’s points activity.

  • Mainnet Node Licenses: Upon Lumoz mainnet launch, node licenses will be issued on the mainnet. Owners can either run the nodes themselves for rewards or delegate them to official or third-party node providers.

  • Transferability: Mainnet node licenses can be traded or transferred after six months.

Refund Policy:

To ensure the rights of global community users, we have established a refund mechanism:

  • Refund Window: Opens six months after the TGE. The duration of the window is to be determined.

  • Refund Terms: Users can request a refund if dissatisfied, receiving 80% of the initial payment back, with all tokens and NFTs produced needing to be returned.

Additional Information:

  • Participation Networks: Users can participate via Arbtrium, BNB Chain, ZKFair, Merlin, etc.

  • Supported Currencies: USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, BNB, ZKF.

  • ZKFair Discounts: Starting from the pre-sale phase, ZKFair will release 200 purchase slots daily, offering a 10% discount for payments made with ZKF.

  • Lumoz Points Event: Starting June 25th, the 40-day event will distribute 40 million Lumoz points, with 1 million points awarded daily to successful node buyers. These points can be exchanged for Lumoz Mainnet tokens upon launch.


Before purchasing zkVerifier nodes, users should read and understand all related documents and information, including the technical whitepaper and user guide, to ensure comprehensive product knowledge. Users must confirm their capability to bear investment risks and assess their situation before participating. Purchases should be voluntary and free from coercion or misleading influences. Users assume responsibility for any losses incurred post-purchase, and we are not liable for losses resulting from market fluctuations, technical issues, or other factors.

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