Zurich, Switzerland, 10th June 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Talentir, the platform that enables the creative industry to receive earnings from YouTube, Spotify & Co. directly via the blockchain, recorded a staggering 6,500% growth compared to April. This unprecedented surge reflects the growing acceptance and adoption of blockchain products within the industry and beyond.

One of Talentir’s most significant advantages is cost savings. Traditional payment & distribution methods often involve hefty fees and delays and require an immense manual workload. Backends built on blockchain and self-executed transactions are fast and incur minimal costs, allowing talents to retain more of their hard-earned money anywhere on the planet.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) within the crypto space have swiftly recognized the financial advantages of Talentir. They are delighted to receive their earnings directly in their wallets, bypassing the need for intermediaries. On average, creators earn between 15% and 30% more when they join Talentir, thanks to the platform’s efficiency and reduced transaction costs. The unique setup of Talentir helps Creators worldwide with their withholding taxes as Talentir specializes in revenue optimization.

Talentir’s founders, Lukas and Johannes, highlight a crucial issue within the burgeoning creative industry. Despite its incredible growth, with an expected $480 billion value by 2027, there remains “no fair, accessible, and scalable way of upfront cash for creators and artists,” resulting in a “missed multi-deca-billion opportunity” for investors and content makers. They argue that the answer to this problem is decentralizing the funding process.

To bridge this gap, Talentir is preparing to launch its own lending infrastructure, which will be built on top of the rights management system and distribution infrastructure it already offers.

“Everybody needs cash upfront to grow, no matter how big the talent is; this is true for Mr. Beast and your favorite artist in your neighborhood.” 

The decentralized investment solution will be one of its kind and offer needed financial support to talents, enabling them to access funds without the limitations of traditional hurdles or selling away too much. By providing decentralized financial services, Talentir will drive the growth of the creative industry, ensuring that artists and creators have the financial resources they need to flourish.

Talentir’s remarkable growth shows the platform’s ability to find new ways of monetizing. As blockchain technology continues to gain traction, Talentir is well-positioned to lead the charge, offering a fair, accessible, and scalable solution for creators and investors alike. 

“The future of the creative industry is decentralized, and we will do everything to make this technology accessible to everyone.”

About Talentir

Talentir could reshape the creative industry into a more lucrative environment for everyone involved. The platform’s use of blockchain technology, crypto, and other Web3 elements has the potential to generate more revenue than the traditional creative landscape. As a result, creators and artists can gain more, fans get a share for their active support, and investors gain access to a certified selection of creative assets.

Talentir unites leaders from the creative industry and DeFi, such as BlackRock, Harvard, Netflix, and Sennheiser. Moreover, it onboarded the CEOs of Bitpanda, Jumper Exchange, Atka.io, and Blockchain Founders Capital as first investors.

The two founders of Talentir are Lukas Steiner, CEO with over ten years of experience in growth management, and Johannes Kares, CTO, with more than eight years in technology and crypto. The talented, dynamic duo aims to change people’s thoughts about content and create a unique, profitable ecosystem for the broader Talentir community.

Talentir is actively building on its recent spectacular growth. So make sure to follow the project for the latest updates and opportunities at these links: Website |X (Twitter) |LinkedIn |Instagram

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